A new version of the Gambling Commission’s LCCP comes into force today for all operators and personal licence holders (with certain exceptions, as set out in the document).  You can access the new LCCP here.

The revised LCCP was first published in February 2015, with further minor updates made in April 2015.  These April updates relate to:

  • paragraph 8 of social responsibility code provision 3.5.3 (automated self-exclusion facilities) which will come into force on 31 October 2015, in line with other amendments which require system development;
  • updated references to consumer rights legislation to refer to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 ;
  • social responsibility code provision 6.1.1 which will require gambling operators touse an ADR entity which has been approved by the Gambling Commission from 9 July 2015.

A summary of the key LCCP changes can be accessed here.