Several communities in North Carolina are in the process of developing mega sites that assemble the necessary land and infrastructure to attract a major manufacturing facility and other businesses. While each site is in a different phase of development, it is clear that communities across the state are working to show that they are ready, willing and able to support new businesses that locate in their areas and they will make upfront investments even before a new business is identified. Organizations such as the Golden LEAF Foundation and the North Carolina Railroad have also helped in the development of some of these sites.

Mega sites generally are larger than 1,000 acres in order to accommodate large scale manufacturing and other elements of a supply chain. They also have the type of infrastructure that a manufacturer or large supplier would need to facilitate its operations, including transportation (highways, ports, rail, aviation), water and sewer, energy (electricity, natural gas), telecommunications (cellular, broadband). Mega sites also benefit from proximity to community colleges and local training programs.

Having all of the pieces already in place makes regions with mega sites more attractive to prospective businesses. The process of creating a mega site also builds partnerships within the region to promote economic development.