The Cartagena-Vera and Alicante Ring-road sections of the AP-7 motorway are therefore handed back to the state, after Commercial Court 6 of Madrid approved the concessionaire's liquidation plan.

Five toll motorways in liquidation have now passed to being managed directly by Sociedad Estatal de Infraestructuras del Transporte Terrestre (SEITTSA), the agency dependent on the Development Ministry responsible for the state's land-based infrastructure: the R-4 Madrid-Ocaña motorway, which was taken over on 21 February (click here for the alert), the R-2 Madrid-Guadalajara motorway, which passed to SEITTSA on 1 March (click here for the alert); the AP-36 Ocaña-La Roda motorway, which the agency has been managing since 15 March (click here for the alert) and, since the 1st of April, the Cartagena-Vera and Alicante Ring-road sections of the AP-7 motorway.

In the coming days, the Development Ministry, through SEITTSA, is also due to take control of the remaining three motorways that have entered into liquidation: R-3 Madrid-Arganda; R-5 Madrid-Navalcarnero and M-12 Madrid-Aeropuerto de Barajas. They are likely to be joined by the remaining bankrupt motorway (AP-41 Madrid-Toledo), which is not yet in liquidation.

SEITTSA is preparing to re-tender the bankrupt motorways

In the past six months, SEITTSA has tendered and awarded the following service contracts, necessary to subsequently re-tender the nine toll motorways:

  1. Preparation of a study on demand and tariffs, which was awarded to Técnica y Proyectos, S.A. (TYPSA) on 27 November 2017 (term: 4 months).
  2. Drafting of terms and conditions and an economic and financial viability study, awarded on 27 November 2017 to the joint venture (UTE) formed between LRA Infrastructures Consulting, S.L. and LCA, S.L. (term: 4 months).
  3. Operational and legal due diligence reviews, awarded to Deloitte Consulting, S.L. on 1 February 2018 (term: 2 months); and
  4. Insurance covering material damage and liability/administrative liability, awarded to QBE Insurance (Europe) Ltd. (sucursal en España) at the beginning of February 2018 (term: until 31 December 2018).

It is therefore expected that SEITTSA will re-tender the contracts for the nine motorways in liquidation in the course of 2018. According to sources at the Development Ministry, the motorways posted a 8.6% increase in traffic at the close of 2017. In addition, in January and February 2018, the first three motorways taken over by SEITTSA (i.e., R-4 Madrid-Ocaña, R-2 Madrid-Guadalajara and AP-36 Ocaña-La Roda) have seen traffic increases ranging from 4.08% to 9.63%.