Amendments related to Canada's Clean Air Regulatory Agenda have been made to the Energy Efficiency Regulations under the Energy Efficiency Act. The amendments, which establish more stringent standards and labelling requirements, came into force December 12, 2008, and are intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The amendments:

  • Increase the stringency of existing minimum energy performance standards ("MEPS") for products including residential gas furnaces, dehumidifiers and dishwashers, and commercial ice-makers;
  • Introduce new requirements for residential wine chillers, commercial clothes washers, floor lamps, ceiling fan lighting, traffic signal modules and pedestrian modules, and commercial and industrial gas unit heaters; Introduce MEPS for general service lamps in 2012; and
  • Require consumer energy performance labelling for most common lamp types including general service lamps, incandescent reflector lamps, and compact fluorescent lamps.  

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