The “Committee to Preserve the Religious Right to Organize” filed a motion with the NLRB to request the recusal of all three Republican Board Members. The Committee argues that all have conflicts preventing them from fairly hearing and deciding any case because they represented employers in labor and employment their past careers. The Committee probably is aware that historically many Board members have come from careers at law firms representing employers, unions, or employees, or some of each, in labor and employment legal matters. And if only the two Democratic members were left at the Board, it could decide no cases because it would lack a quorum. That may be exactly what the Committee seeks.

The same Committee has also filed separate unfair labor practice charges against the Trump presidential campaign, alleging that the campaign’s employee guidelines, as well as confidentiality agreements with employees (including former employee Steve Bannon) contained unlawful confidentiality provisions. The Office of the NLRB General Counsel recommended in October that the charges be dismissed because (1) the “non‐public information” which the confidentiality agreements covered did not restrict employees from disclosure of terms and conditions of employment, and (2) the charges were moot because the Campaign no longer had any employees. The Committee has appealed, and it also alleges that NLRB General Counsel Robb, who would ordinarily decide such an appeal as a matter of discretion, should be – guess what – recused! because he was nominated by President Trump. The Committee has also alleged that the Trump Vineyard in Virginia violated the NLRA by maintaining a curfew for certain vineyard workers living in company housing. That charge has also been dismissed.

We were unable to find a website for the Committee, but according to the Washington Free Beacon, the Committee is “a coalition of California unions and labor activists that sees union activities as a religious freedom issue.” What religion(s) that would be is not clear.