The French Government has proposed a new law intended to simplify employee representation. The key proposals are as follows:

  • for companies with fewer than 11 employees (who don’t currently have an obligation to put in place any employee representatives): the creation of regional commissions (with 10 employee representatives and 10 employer representatives) giving employees representation outside of the company
  • for companies with fewer than 300 employees: a unified employee representative body (DUP) which will meet every 2 months and will include all employee representative bodies (works council, personnel delegates, trade union representatives and health and safety committee) in one body
  • companies with more than 300 employees will also have the opportunity to group together in one body all employee representatives excluding the trade unions
  • a reduction in the number of obligatory subjects for information and consultation (from 17 to 3): strategic direction, economic situation of the business and social policy; by agreement, also the possibility to reduce the number of annual meetings required (currently 6)
  • simplification of the consultation on pay (NAO) and the possibility to avoid doing this annually.

Actions for employers

The proposals will be voted on in July 2015.  Employers should watch this space…