The TCPA have recently published a good practice guide entitled “Improving culture, arts and sporting opportunities through planning”.  It’s a comprehensive, highly informative and very readable document.  Written for planners and culture and sports practitioners, the guide is designed to help them in planning effectively for culture, arts and sport.  It promotes approaches which will support NPPF policies and helpfully sets out a check list in table form of all of the relevant paragraphs for planners and professionals to consider.

After identifying how and why culture, arts and sport are fundamental to building sustainable communities, the guide details the plan and policy context in which local developments should be made, within wider (larger than local) strategic horizons.  Of course, funding and delivery are key to seeing the desired outcomes and there is a careful analysis of the intention of viability considerations from NPPF to the inter-relationship between Section 106 contributions and CIL.  The guide draws upon and directs readers to a wealth of data and sources and is peppered with case studies to illustrate good practice.

Readers may also find this link to the Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit helpful.  This is an online resource for practitioners involved in planning for housing growth and regeneration to guide delivery of cultural and sporting infrastructure.