On 3 February 2014, Logan City Council released its new draft Logan Planning Scheme 2014 to guide development and plan for Logan’s expected growth over the next 20 years. The purpose of the scheme is to provide for a single planning scheme for the whole of the area of Logan City, replacing Logan’s three existing schemes – the Beaudesert Shire Planning Scheme 2007, Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003 and Logan Planning Scheme 2006.

The new scheme has been structured in accordance with the Queensland Planning Provisions (QPPs) and contains various policies and provisions to manage development in Logan. This includes a new strategic framework which sets the policy direction for the planning scheme and forms the basis for ensuring that appropriate development occurs in the planning scheme area for the life of the scheme.

The intent of the strategic framework is that by 2031, Logan will reflect the spatial elements identified in the scheme’s strategic mapping and will accommodate over 420,000 people and 130,000 jobs. This intention is supported by eleven key themes intended to articulate the policy direction for Logan. These themes include settlement pattern, residential, centres, employment, community, rural, natural environment, natural hazards and climate change, design, place making and amenity, transport, and infrastructure.

The scheme consists of 14 zones to guide how new development is to be designed and operated. New zoning classifications have been incorporated to bring the scheme in line with the State’s QPPs, including new classifications for centres, residential, environment and conservation and mixed use development.

The scheme also provides for 16 development codes, ranging from statewide codes, use codes and other development codes, and nine local plans, intending to guide development at the local level, including new local plans for Browns Plains and Shailer Park.

The Logan Planning Scheme is open for submissions until 30 April 2014. Further information about the scheme is available here.