So, I’ve decided to give you the contents of this box over here. Of course, the deal is you must keep the contents whatever they are. So, please tell me what you think about what’s in the box and whether you will like whatever it is. Nope, no peeking. You tell me whether you like what’s in the box and then I’ll give it to you. That way if the box contains an 80-foot Burmese python, you can’t say I didn’t give you a chance to object before saddling you with your new pet.

On Monday, the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls did just that when it announced that it is overhauling its export licensing system. No more DSP-5s. No more DSP-83s. Instead, according to the agency

licensing operations will move from the current, largely form-based submissions to an intuitive system which will allow both industry users and DDTC staff to smoothly and securely navigate the submission and review process.

DDTC is giving the public 60-days to comment on this new system. No details on the system have been provided beyond what’s quoted above. So the box that DDTC is proposing to drop on your doorstep may have a cute puppy inside. Or maybe a hungry python. So, speak up now. Tell us what you think!

Of course, if DDTC revises the utterly ridiculous mess surrounding agreement submissions (where, among other things the transmittal letter is longer than the agreement and where the submission process is described in a constantly changing 223-page document that rivals War and Peace for prolixity and Finnegan’s Wake for obscurity) there will be general rejoicing all around. But there isn’t a scintilla of a suggestion in the notice that this monstrosity is going away.

So, which will it be? Puppy or python?