Further to our recent alert setting out our initial reaction to the Taylor Report, we have now had the opportunity to digest all 116 pages. In large part, the report sets out some thoughtful but mostly aspirational recommendations inviting the Government to consider the long term strategy and focus for the UK employment market. These include:

  • encouraging a focus on 'quality' work not just quantity (although recognising that this is inherently subjective);

  • embracing the importance of flexibility for employees (and recognising the importance of it not being abused);

  • giving people the means and opportunity to progress in their jobs; and

  • taking advantage of technology to support more flexible working arrangements.

The report's wide ranging review of working practices in the UK has received a somewhat critical response from some businesses, trade unions and lawyers, with some quarters viewing it as a missed opportunity. The report does however include a number of more specific proposals for legal and regulatory reform. We summarise the key proposals below, including our comments and thoughts on whether these recommendations are likely to take effect.

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