On May 19, the Ninth Circuit issued an opinion regarding who a credit card issuer is obliged to resolve billing disputes with on a credit card account. Edwards v. Wells Fargo, No. 06-16892 (May 19, 2010). The plaintiff, an individual who was an authorized user on a credit card account but not personally liable for any charges on the account, alleged that the defendant bank violated Regulation Z because it would not respond to any of his disputes for charges that he had made on the account. The Ninth Circuit repeatedly indicated that the FRB had seemingly confused the issue because of its drafting in Regulation Z—an issue that the court noted was clear under the statute. Specifically, the statute indicates that the billing dispute resolution obligation is owed to an “obligor” on a credit card account, but Regulation Z indicates that the duty is owed to a “consumer.” The court, following the statutory language, concluded that a credit card issuer’s billing dispute obligation under Regulation Z is owed only to an obligor on a credit card account.