The Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) has estimated that it will carry out between 400-450 investigations in 2016 alone. The inquiries will vary between onsite investigations, hearings and document or online reviews, and will focus on the following main themes which the CNIL estimates will represent 25% of the agency’s total investigations:

  • The SNIIRAM: The national system of inter-systems of health insurance information
  • The API-PNR file: The API-PNR system (Advance Passenger Information Passenger-Name Record)
  • The Data brokers: the CNIL’s intention in this instance is to ensure compliance with the principles of proportionality, relevance of data and information, consent, the rights of the data subject and security

Aside from these main topics, investigations will be made in   relation to: complaints received by the CNIL (20%); following up on verification or issues revealed by the press (approximately 35%), and CCTV (approximately 20%).

Press release (in French)