The Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, established in 1956, reported that the Institute had recently applied a patent application on the use of Gilead Sciences’ Remdesivir to cure people of a new coronavirus.

Gilead Sciences Inc. jointly with the Chinese Healthcare Department made several examinations in assessing Remdesivir for coronavirus treatment. Remdesivir is a new antiviral drug of nucleotide analogs’ group. This drug was initially introduced by Gilead Sciences to fight with Ebola virus, its results were not successful. The New England Journal of Medicine believed that Remdesivir could fight with new coronavirus, as an American patient infected with 2019-nCoV was prescribed this drug and on the eighth-day doctors proved that the patient’s condition had significantly improved. However, NEJM says that the use of Remdesivir for coronavirus treatment should undergo additional trials.

The Chinese Healthcare Department has chosen the Friendship Hospital in Beijing for conducting additional clinical studies. 270 patients with new coronavirus will participate in this trial.

It is noted that the Wuhan and Military Medicine Institute have submitted the patent application on Remdesivir. The virologists from the aforementioned research centers noted that Remdesivir and chloroquine, used to treat malaria, may be effective in stalling the coronavirus. However, Mr. Zhao, an IP lawyer from Shanghai said that the Wuhan Institute of Virology should get approval from Gilead Sciences because this company was the only owner of Remdesivir drug.

IPR daily reporters reported that the Wuhan Institute filed the patent application on January 21, but if the Institute wanted to cooperate with the other foreign biopharma companies to develop a cure or vaccine against 2019-nCoV, the Institute should withdraw a patent application.