Ontario's Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) has expanded. The PNP facilitates the entry of, and the obtaining of permanent resident status for, eligible foreign workers. It provides a vehicle for Ontario employers to obtain skilled foreign workers in a number of occupations.

Under the changes, the international student stream has been opened up. It may now be used to hire eligible foreign students who have graduated from a publicly-funded Canadian college or university. The job being offered must be in a managerial, professional or skilled trades occupation (those occupations that are listed under NOC levels 0, A or B). The candidate's area of study must relate to the position. Prior to the change, this stream was restricted to hiring foreign students for one of the limited number of occupations covered by the PNP.

This change greatly improves the usefulness of the PNP as a recruiting tool for Ontario employers.

A second change is that it is now easier for employers outside of the Greater Toronto Area to use the PNP. Employers outside of the GTA can now show that they are eligible by showing gross revenue of $500,000 and a staff of at least three full-time employees.

Backgrounder on Expansion of Ontario PNP

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