By Decree 7-2017 the Congress of the Republic approved on March 16, 2017 amendments to the Labor Code that implement a new system of sanctions for violations of labor laws by the General Labour Inspectorate. Among other matters, the amendment contains the following:

  • It emphasizes that labor inspectors will be monitoring and performing inspections to employers to ensure compliance with the Labor Code, its regulations, International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions ratified by Guatemala, collective bargaining agreements in force and other labor regulations.
  • The Departmental Delegate of the General Inspectorate of Labor is empowered to determine the applicable sanction in case of infractions, if it's not a case that has to be exclusively reviewed by labor courts.
  • The amounts of fines are modified, depending on the labor infraction.
  • Creation of the Registry of Labor and Social Security Infractions.
  • A new procedure for inspections of workplaces is created.
  • Definition of the Labor and Social Security Contentious Administrative Proceedings before a Labor Judge.
  • Decree 7-2017 will be in force 2 months after its publication in the Official Gazette.