Chinese companies obtained 11,241 more U.S. patents in 2017, up 28%, making China, for the very first time, a top five country in the department of owning U.S. patents. The number of U.S. patents obtained by Chinese companies increased by ten-fold in the last decade, according to statistics issued by a U.S. research institute. Among the 320,000 patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2017, 3.5% of which were obtained by Chinese companies. The local U.S. companies claimed ownership to 148,139, accounting for 46% of the total.

Similar trend was observed in EP patent filing as well. The latest listing shows a 16.6 percent year on-year growth in the number of patents filed by Chinese companies in Europe. The total number of patents filed by enterprises from all nations grew by 3.9 percent. Huawei has topped the European Patent Office's 2017 patent-filing league table for the first time. Other Chinese companies that filed a large number of patent applications in 2017 included the telecoms company ZTE, e-commerce company Alibaba, mobile phone maker Xiaomi, and automotive maker BYD.