On November 13, 2006, the Chicago Board Options Exchange,Incorporated filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission aproposed rule change to allow a Designated Primary Market-Maker (DPM) to operate remotely away from the CBOE trading floor. CBOE filed Amendment No. 1 to the proposed rule change on January 18 and,on February 12, the SEC published a notice to solicit comments on theproposed rule change.

Currently, all DPMs operate on the CBOE trading floor. The proposedrule change is intended to provide DPMs with the flexibility to operateon the CBOE trading floor (On-Floor DPM) or remotely away from theCBOE trading floor (Off-Floor DPM). A DPM would only be permitted tooperate as an Off-Floor DPM in equity option classes traded on theCBOE’s Hybrid Trading System. A CBOE committee will considervarious factors specified in Rule 8.83(b) in determining whether topermit an On-Floor DPM to operate as an Off-Floor DPM.