The European Commission has updated the list of contracting authorities and utilities throughout the EU's 27 Member States that are subject to EU public procurement rules. EU public procurement rules apply to various types of public authorities throughout the EU including Government departments, local authorities, schools, universities, hospitals, airports, railway operators, museums, postal entities, urban transport, water utilities and national lotteries. The lists are intended to give greater clarity in identifying precisely which public authorities in the EU have to award their public contracts in accordance with EU-wide tender procedures. The Commission hopes that their publication will provide businesses with greater opportunities to participate in public contracts.

Commenting on the development, Internal Market and Services Commissioner Charlie McCreevy said: "These lists are a leap forward for more transparency and accountability in public procurement. Taxpayers and businesses have the right to know who is obliged to publish calls for tender."

The updated lists of contracting authorities by reference to each Member State can be found online at: