Williams is making a serious investment in the Appalachian Basin:  "The propane, butane, pentane and ethane in West Virginia and neighboring states is so plentiful and profitable that Williams Partners is spending $4.5 billion to process the natural gas liquids. *** In Marshall County, the Tulsa, Okla.-based company has three sites of operation: the Fort Beeler processing plant; the Oak Grove processing plant, which is under construction; and the Moundsville fractionation plant. Once all projects are up and running, they will work as a cohesive unit to separate the liquid portions of the natural gas stream from the dry portions. Williams officials believe they will be able to process at least 2.5 billion cubic feet on natural gas per day. *** 'We did not expect there to be this much liquid in this gas," said Scott Carney, strategic outreach specialist for Williams, during a recent tour of the sites.'" (From the Intelligencer.)