The Romanian Public Procurement Agency (the “PPA”) recently launched public consultations on draft norms (the “Draft Norms”) which will facilitate the implementation of the future utilities procurement legislation which transposes the EU procurement directives in Romania. The PPA will hold a public debate session on 17 March 2016 to discuss feedback and comments received from interested parties.

Of note, the Draft Norms further define and address: 

  1. conflicts of interest and unfair competition checks; 
  2. procurement strategy; 
  3. the computation method for computing estimated procurement values; 
  4. matters related to tender data sheet and support documents;
  5. new rules on prior evaluation of the tender documentation; 
  6. introduction of qualification systems;  
  7. the “quality-price” and “smallest price” award criteria;
  8. the use of electronic procurement procedures; 
  9. rules governing the simplified procurement procedure; and
  10. a new procedure for contracting entities in the bid evaluation process.

Romania is well on its way to implementing the EU procurement directives; the Senate approved the legislative package on 9 February 2016  and the draft legislation is currently being debated in the Chamber of Deputies.