Guidelines were issued by the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) to designate certain repositories under Section 39 of the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 (BDA) with specific mandates for designated bodies. The concerned Head of the Repository who shall also decide, after the 5 year custody period, whether the sample will be added to the national collection for long-term storage or discarded if the sample had been of a common occurrence as procured from the local market or appears to be a duplicate of existing accessions. The Guidelines state that besides person who discovers a new taxon of biological resources occurring in India and Indian citizens/entities taking/sending abroad biological resource for non-commercial research, persons/entities, accessing biological resources occurring in India are required to deposit BRs in the repository.

The NBA has also issued a decision taken in the 36th Authority meeting held on 6th Jan, 2016. The Authority decided that the deposition of micro-organisms by Indian researchers/ scientist in other country repositories for claim of his novel species for publication in journals, as required under the International Bacteriological code of Nomenclature, does not come under the purview of the Bio Diversity Act, 2002. The Indian researcher/ scientist shall provide prior intimation to the NBA including details such as name of the species, purpose for deposit and name of repository and any non-Indian person/ entity accessing the deposited Indian bio resource from the foreign repository should obtain the prior approval of NBA.