European Dynamics SA failed in its attempt to obtain an interim injunction from the High Court to prevent Buying Solutions (part of HM Treasury operating as a central purchasing body for contracting authorities) from concluding a series of framework agreements for IT software applications for UK public sector bodies. European Dynamics sought an injunction on the basis that there were flaws in the tender documents and that there was unfair treatment in the scoring and evaluation of its bid. On 23 December 2009, the High Court concluded that the balance of convenience between the parties favoured refusal of the request for an injunction. The Court concluded that an injunction would substantially prejudice Buying Solutions since the old framework agreements had expired and contracting authorities were dependent on the services secured through the new framework agreements. In addition, according to the Court, while there appeared to be serious issues to be tried, some of the arguments on substance appeared weak and in the event that European Dynamics were successful, damages would appear to be an adequate remedy.