The Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management (DMRM) has published a set of guidelines and related application form for facilities that store, recycle, treat, process, or dispose of brine and other waste substances from production operations (see here).  Note, according to the posting:

  1. Persons desiring to operate a facility or persons that are currently operating a facility may submit an application to the Chief in order to operate on and after January 1, 2014, or in order to continue to operate on and after January 1, 2014. The application must include information listed below. The Chief will review the application and will issue temporary authorization through a Chief’s Order if the Chief approves the operation.
  2. Upon promulgation of the rules required by R.C. 1509.22(C), all facilities operating pursuant to a Chief’s Order will be required to obtain a permit pursuant to the requirements of those rules. Details of the permitting process will be posted to the Division’s website after the rules receive final approval.