This report, published on 26 July, criticises the Government for:

  • dismissing the validity of the Impact Assessment which details the changes made to the immigration rules, and failing to take into account warnings regarding the high economic cost to the sector (estimated at £3.6 billion) of the proposed changes. The report states that this in turn confirms the Committee's deep concerns that 'inadequate migration data sources are thwarting both the Migration Advisory Committee and the Home Office from developing genuinely-based immigration policy';
  • publishing the Impact Assessment 12 weeks after the changes were implemented. The Committee states that this sends the message that policy is not carefully considered and evidence based;
  • lack of a simple method of counting people coming into and going out of the UK. The Committee referred to the report published by The UK Statistics Authority which stated that the statistics currently available 'fall some distance short of painting the comprehensive statistical picture that Parliament would want to be available to inform the public policy debate'. The Committee also stated that it hopes that 'the announcement of the award of the e-Borders contract to Raytheon and IBM represents the first step towards a migration policy based on actual migration figures'.

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