This program will focus on some of the most confusing yet important unrelated business income tax (UBIT) issues confronting nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations: corporate sponsorships, advertising, licensing arrangements, endorsements and royalties, and cause-related marketing. There are critical distinctions in this area that are important to understand and often misunderstood. In addition, when business deals between a nonprofit and for-profit company involve a combination of these arrangements, how do you best tackle the contractual and other documentation of the deal? There are a host of valuable planning techniques of which every nonprofit (and their advisers) should be aware and which will be shared during this program. The panel of experienced legal and tax professionals will focus on current IRS enforcement patterns in this area, proactive practical tips and suggestions, common pitfalls, and what to do if the IRS comes knocking. From the perspective of both in-house advisers and outside counsel, this will be an invaluable program for experienced nonprofit finance, legal, marketing, and operations staff, as well as those new to the area. 

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