If you want to work in Romania and have a citizenship of a country outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, there are 2 or 3 steps you need to follow in order to get a work permit for a long time. It will take you almost a month to obtain a work visa in Romania after you gained the work permit. All steps required for having a stable working place are the following:

  1. Obtain a work permit/ seeking advice
  2. Get a long stay visa for employment purposes
  3. Ask a single permit for making your stay in Romania longer

1) Seeking advice/ obtain a work permit

If you are not an European citizen but you want to work in Romania you need to find an employer and pass the tests required by them (if they require). If they decide to hire you, the work permit will be obtained by them for you. You do not need to go in Romania and spend a fortune there. The law is quite simple and friendly for you.

Usually the General Inspectorate for Immigration processes the applications for the issuance of the work permit in 30 days from the date of its registration. In other terms, after a month your work permit is ready. Still, this term can be expended if the Inspectorate needs some more time for processing or there are some problems with documents or the need for more information.


There are some conditions you have to fulfill in order to obtain your work permit. These conditions are more financial and do not affect your state in a direct way:

  • if you are a permanent worker, deployed worker, cross-border worker, trainee worker,high-skilled, au pair, your employer will pay a tax in RON equivalent to 100 EUR
  • if you are a seasonal worker your employer will pay the equivalent in RON of 25 EUR
  • the equivalent in RON of 25 EUR will be paid if you are hired after graduation and you are a holder of a temporary residence permit for studies or for family reunification

In order to achieve this permit not only financial conditions need to be fulfilled. There are some conditions you need to satisfy that have to be certified by your employer at the office of General Inspectorate for Immigration:

  • You meet the specific work experience and authorization conditions
  • You are medically capable to engage in the activity you were engaged
  • You do not have a criminal record incompatible with the work that you are going to practice in Romania
  • You fall within the annual quota approved by Government Decision
  • The employer has no unpaid obligations to the state
  • The employer that hired you was not punished for undeclared work or illegal employment during the last 6 months prior to the settlement of the application for workers.

If all these conditions are satisfied just brace yourself, because in 30 days your work permit will be ready and you are going to practice the work you wanted to do in Romania.

But having the work permit is just the first step of the whole process. The other ones wait for you in case you want to work in Romania for a longer time.

2) Long stay visa for employment purposes

If you ask how to obtain a work visa in Romania you will be surprised how easy the procedure is. There are just some documents to upload on the official site of the Inspectorate or to submit them at the office of Inspectorate after you get the work permit. In this way you will have the long stay visa for employment that grant your workplace for a certain time. These are the necessary documents you will submit for this purpose:

  • Copy of the work permit issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration that you already have, or there are cases when you can submit documents that prove the fact that you fall into the categories of foreigners who can be hired without a work permit
  • Proof of financial means of support equal to the minimum gross salary guaranteed in payment for the entire period inscribed on the visa
  • Criminal record certificate from your country or other documents that have the same value and purpose
  • Medical insurance valid for all the duration of your visa;

For obtaining your visa you must pay a fee of 120 EUR in the country of your residence before submitting the documents. Just wait for 30 days and after that with your visa you can freely work for 90 days with one or more departures.

Single permit

Romanian employment law allows you to continue your work in Romania for a longer period of time, of course, if you wish this. If you have a long stay work visa in Romania you must obtain a single permit or so called a EU Blue Card. This permit certifies your right to stay and work in Romania longer than allows you the visa. In order to obtain a single permit you have to go personally to the Immigration office in your city to submit the necessary documents at least 30 days before the expiry of the right to stay granted by the visa.

This single permit can be extended as well as your right of residence.

In order to obtain it you must submit these documents:

  • application you can find at the office;
  • the border crossing document (passport, travel document, etc.) in original and duplicate;
  • proof of legal ownership of the living space in original and duplicate;
  • print screen from the register of the employees, at the section containing the data about the individual employment contract signed by the employer;
  • salary statement;
  • medical certificate
  • fees required by the Inspectorate.

Working in Romania became for a lot of people a chance for a new life in the European Union. This is why the state simplified a lot the procedure for obtaining a work permit and after that a work visa for those who want to stay longer.