On June 9th, the Federal Reserve Board, the OCC, and the FDIC requested comment on proposed supervisory guidance regarding stress-testing practices at banking organizations with total consolidated assets of more than $10 billion. The proposed guidance provides an overview of how an organization should develop a structure for stress testing. It outlines general principles for a satisfactory stress testing framework and describes how stress testing should be used at various levels within an organization. The guidance also discusses the importance of stress testing in capital and liquidity planning, and the importance of strong internal governance and controls in an effective stress-testing framework. While the guidance does not explicitly address the stress testing requirements outlined in the Dodd-Frank Act, the agencies anticipate that rulemakings implementing these requirements would be consistent with the principles in the proposed guidance. The agencies also expect the guidance to be consistent with other supervisory initiatives, including those related to capital and liquidity planning. Comments should be submitted on or before July 29, 2011. Joint Agency Press Release.