CCI by its order dated June 04, 2015 fined GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Limited (GSK) for INR 60 Crore (INR 604,890,469.998) and Sanofi for INR3 Crore (INR 30,434,200.89), @ 3% of their turnover for previous three financial years. The case was filed by Bio-Med Private Limited against Deputy Assistant Director General (Stores), Medical Store Depot, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India (DADG), GSK and Sanofi alleging, inter alia, contravention of the provisions of sections 3 and 4, i.e. anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominant position, respectively. DG observed that DADG was not an enterprise within the meaning of the Act and hence, no further enquiries were held against them. However, DG proceeded against GSK and Sanofi. The DG concluded that the conduct of GSK and Sanofi demonstrated that they were acting in concert and collusively leading to an anti-competitive agreement. It was noted that upon entrance of Bio- Med, instead of competing, GSK and Sanofi increased the tendered quantities and prices. CCI, in confirmation with DG, penalized the companies and decided to pass separate order for determining individual liability of persons responsible under section 48 of the Act. While penalizing GSK and Sanofi, CCI passed cease and desist order against the companies to not engage in such activities.