The MOE recently published draft revised guidance for collecting and sending drinking water samples to a licensed laboratory for testing under O. Reg. 169/03 (Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards). In particular, this document (titled “Revised Practices for the Collection and Handling of Drinking Water Samples”) provides guidance for the collection, labelling, storage, transportation and chain-of-custody of all drinking water samples required to be taken under O. Reg. 170/03 (Drinking Water Systems Regulation), O. Reg. 252/05 (Non-Residential and Non-Municipal Seasonal Residential Systems That Do Not Serve Designated Facilities Regulations) and O. Reg. 243/07 (Schools, Private Schools and Day Nurseries Regulations). The draft document also outlines certain sampling practices that may be used by owners and operators of drinking water treatment plans to meet their regulatory and approval requirements.

The MOE is accepting comments on the draft document until October 21, 2008. For further information, please see