Cycling events are increasingly popular and many enjoy the atmosphere whether as a participant or spectator.

All event organisers need to be aware and compliant with their primary responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of the cyclists, members of the public and any contractors involved in the event.

The British Cycling have launched a series of videos to help cyclists improve all aspects of their riding.

The HSE have guidance on their website which provides important information to enable an event to be run safely. Click here to read the document.

The HSE also highlight further at the duties of an event organiser.

In a recent case (Lear v. Hickstead [2016]) a claim was brought against the owner of a showground and the contractor engaged to manage parking at a horse show, after a visitor sustained severe injuries when lowering the ramp on his horsebox. Another (unknown) party had raised the ramp on the horsebox to enable him to leave the show ground more easily.

Neither of the Defendants were found to be negligent. It was concluded that there was adequate space to allow horseboxes to move forwards when leaving. Also, there was a system in place which involved drivers being required to display their telephone numbers on their passes and in the windscreen of their horseboxes, so that they could be contacted in the event of a problem with their unattended vehicles.

The systems in place and management of the car park was found to be entirely reasonable and as a result both the show organiser and contractor could not be held in breach of their duties and therefore were not liable to pay damages to the injured Claimant.

The case was a useful reminder of the importance of ensuring that all appropriate steps have been taken by the show organiser and any contractors to comply with their primary responsibilities to ensure the health and safely of all those in attendance. If you take proper steps and have proper systems in place then you can escape liability for any accidents that might sadly occur.