For example, company X could send one of its sponsored migrants to client company Y so that the migrant could deliver a specified, contracted project. This sponsored migrant could be based at company Y's offices for the duration of the project, but he or she must remain employed by company X throughout. Further, company X must remain fully responsible for the migrant; this includes reporting and record-keeping duties as well as attendance monitoring and remuneration.

Sponsors should report changes in location as described above to the Home Office using the Sponsor Management System (SMS). A sponsor should also keep a full copy of the contract relating to the specified project, which the migrant will be undertaking, on the migrant's file and available for inspection by a Home Office Visiting Officer, if requested. This contract should include start and end dates for the project and make specific reference to the individual who will be undertaking the work. It should also confirm that the sponsor will continue to have full responsibility for the migrant for the duration of the project.