On October 7, 2014 amendments to Procedure for engaging ablebodied persons in socially useful work  under martial law introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 23.09.2014 No.47511 came  into effect.

With the introduction of martial law, able-bodied persons will serve labour conscription by  performing community service. Labour conscription is a short-term labour duty for the period of  mobilization and wartime to perform work of defensive nature as well as to eliminate man-made,  natural and military emer- gencies and their consequences that have arisen during the period of  martial law. Labour conscription does not require an obligatory consent.

Able-bodied persons, including those not subject to military conscription, whose age and state of  health do not restrict their work under martial law (other than able-bodied persons involved in the  defense work and life support for the population, and reserved for enterprises for the period of  mobilization and wartime to perform work of defensive nature) shall be involved in community  service, in particular:

  • unemployed and other unoccupied persons;
  • employees of companies operating under martial law, who are not involved in carrying out the  mobilization tasks (orders) and not enrolled in the supernumerary (non-military) civil protection  units; the number of such employees transferred should not cause a complete halt in the production;
  • persons working at their own farms;
  • university students and students of vocational schools;
  • freelancers.

An employment agreement shall be concluded with persons of the above groups for a definite term.