Reinsurer Transatlantic Reinsurance Company sued AIG and certain of its subsidiaries for a declaration that they breached various provisions of reinsurance certificates by transferring their risk under asbestos liability policies to another insurer. The court dismissed the claim against AIG, holding that it was undisputed that AIG itself was not a signatory to the reinsurance certificates at issue, and that the complaint failed to allege that AIG, as an “alter ego,” dominated and controlled the actions of the signatory AIG subsidiaries. The court was not persuaded into finding AIG liable by the contention that AIG was the party responsible for making the decision to transfer the insurance risk. The court explained that “TransRe’s allegations that AIG’s ‘de-risking’ strategy interfered with the Insureds’ abilities to meet their obligations under their contracts with TransRe do not permit this court to find that AIG has made a sham of the corporate formalities of the Insurers, as required to establish alter-ego liability.” Transatlantic Reinsurance Co. v. American International Group, Inc., et al., Case No. 152812/2013 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. Feb. 7, 2014).