A federal district court has dismissed all claims brought against American Special Risk (ASR), a reinsurance intermediary and agent for insurer Signet, by insured Car Sense. Car Sense sued Signet and ASR in connection with a Buy Back Guarantee program that Signet offered as a way to increase customer participation in certain incentive programs offered by Car Sense. Signet represented that the BBG program was 100% secured via a reinsurance agreement with Hannover Re. ASR acted as Signet’s reinsurance intermediary and agent in negotiating and procuring the reinsurance agreement. As alleged, though Signet represented that the BBG was a legitimate insurance product, the BBG was in fact a fraudulent scheme engineered to generate one-time fees. Moreover, the reinsurance agreement did not provide for 100% security of the BBG as Signet represented but was, in fact, illusory. Car Sense sued Signet and ASR for various claims ranging from breach of contract to fraud.

The court dismissed all claims against ASR finding, in large part, that ASR did not owe any duty, and had not made any misrepresentations, to Car Sense. The court also gave notice of its intention to dismiss all claims against Signet for Car Sense’s failure to serve Signet within the time required by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Car Sense, Inc. v. American Special Risk, LLC, No. 13-CV-5661 (USDC E.D. Pa. Oct. 24, 2014).