Taking into account the multiple benefits obtained with the implementation of the Electronic Legal Procedures System, the National Office of Public Procurement (DNCP, by its Spanish acronym) issued Resolution No. 718/18, enabling a new module called "Electronic Investigations", which finally came into force on March 15. It allows citizens to submit their complaints through the Electronic Investigations Module SICP on the webpage of the institution (www.contrataciones.gov.py).

As a result of the implementation of this new module, complaints will be processed through an electronic file, allowing the traceability of events and knowing the exact status of the investigation. For this reason, also those complaints filed in writing before the Table of Entry will be digitized and processed electronically as well. The complainant must, in this case, provide an e-mail address in order to access the system and receive the relevant notifications. Another aspect worth highlighting is that the module has the option of presenting complaints with identity protection, which seeks to encourage the submission of as many complaints as possible.

The Electronic Legal Procedures System also has two other modules used successfully, speeding up procedures and increasing their transparency, providing the parties with the convenience of not having to go to the institution to find out about the status of their procedures. In this sense, it should be noted that, thanks to the implementation of the system, physical notifications have decreased by 40%, representing an optimization of State resources through savings in both time and money.