Following the consultation on a Proposal for a Cyber Resilience Strategy earlier this year (read the consultation document here), the Scottish Government has recently published the “Safe, Secure and Prosperous: A Cyber Resilience Strategy for Scotland”  (“Strategy”).

“Cyber resilience” is essentially preventing and being able to recover from “deliberate attacks or accidental events in the online world”. The Strategy sets out the importance of cyber resilience in the new digital age and outlines six “outcomes” which Scotland aims to achieve by 2020. The focus is on educating individuals of the risks and benefits of digital technologies, helping businesses to protect themselves against such risks, building trust in digital public services, developing a cyber-resilience research community, as well as promoting Scotland’s reputation for being a secure place to live and do business and developing an “innovative cyber security, goods and services industry that can help meet global demand”.

The Strategy aims to involve policy makers, public sector partners, representatives bodies, private sector organisations as well as sector organisations to help implement and develop action plans.

The Strategy will be reviewed in two years’ time with contributions from partners of the Scottish Government to share their own action plans and records of progress on an annual basis.