I really enjoyed Organic Chemistry in college (I still have my copy of Morrison & Boyd).  The subject, however, is not easy.  On one semester final, I answered less than half of the questions correctly but earned a respectable grade (others had even more wrong answers).

The Center for Public Integrity apparently has less forgiving standards.  In a report issued earlier this week, they handed out “F” scores to 42 states.  According to the Center, it created a 100 point test based on the federal requirements for financial disclosures by judges, but with some modifications.  As a result, the federal requirements only garnered a B.

The real shocker for me, however, was the fact that California was ranked dai ichi among the states!  Nevada  found itself in the bottom half at number 31.  Delaware received even fewer points and was ranked 38th (just behind Wyoming and just before New Jersey).  Thus, I might pawkily propose that the Center’s test shows that you can do well on its test or you can have a nationally respected judiciary, but not both.