The UKBA has recently introduced a new priority postal service to potentially alleviate the oversubscription to the premium service at UKBA public enquiry offices. The service is currently in pilot with representatives solely for Tier 2 leave to remain applications with 30 applications available a day.

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • they must have applied for leave to remain in the UK before (this also applies to any dependants);
  • they must not have any other application awaiting a decision; and
  • they must be available to attend their biometric enrolment in one of three post offices in London within two working days of the date of their biometric notification letter.

Before an application can be submitted approval must be obtained from the UKBA. Once this has been obtained a specific procedure will then need to take place, including submission of the application online within 24 hours. The applicant will therefore be required to be on hand at short notice.

The benefit of this service is that the decision time is much shorter than normal postal applications (within ten working days from application to decision rather than potentially two to three months) and the official fee is the same. It is also understood that this service is currently undersubscribed, despite being introduced over a week ago.