Hydraulic fracturing could be suspended in the state of Ohio at least until 2014 if House Bill 345 and Senate Bill 213 in Ohio’s General Assembly last week, pass. These Bills establish “a moratorium on horizontal stimulation of oil and gas wells” in Ohio until the USEPA publishes its report on the relationship of hydraulic fracturing to drinking water resources. The moratorium would also remain in effect until Ohio’s Division of Oil and Gas Resources determines how the state will address any issues raised by the EPA report. For the Ohio hydraulic fracturing industry, this could mean a halt in operations at least until the year 2014. According to the most recent proposed timeline for the study on the EPA’s website, EPA’s initial research results are expected by the end of 2012 with a goal for a report set for 2014. EPA commissioned the study in March 2010 following a Congressional directive to study the relationship between drinking water and hydraulic fracturing.