The European Banking Authority (“EBA”) has published the following documents in connection with the Capital Requirements Regulation (Regulation 575/2013) (“CRR”):

  1. Final guidelines on limits on exposures to shadow banking entities that carry out banking activities outside a regulated framework under Article 395. The guidelines introduce an approach that will allow EU institutions to set limits for their exposures to shadow banking entities as part of their internal processes. They are informed by a report on the exposures of a sample of EU institutions to shadow banking entities and the impact of setting limits. The guidelines will apply from 1 January 2017. Together with the report, they will assist the European Commission in its work on its upcoming report on the appropriateness and impact of imposing limits on exposures to shadow banking entities;
  2. consultation paper on draft regulatory technical standards (“RTS”) specifying the assessment methodology on the use of internal models for market risk, under Article 363(4)(c) of the CRR;
  3. legislative proposal to extend certain exemptions for commodity dealers (COM(2015) 648);
  4. report on the impact assessment and calibration of the net stable funding ratio (“NSFR”) required under the CRR. The EBA recommends the introduction of an NSFR in the EU to ensure an appropriate stable funding structure relating to the degree of asset illiquidity, as the way of properly mitigating funding risk in banks.

Meanwhile, the text of the European Commission Implementing Regulation ((EU) 2015/2344) laying down implementing technical standards with regard to currencies with constraints on the availability of liquid assets in accordance with the CRR was published in the Official Journal of the EU.