In Launahurst Ltd v Larner, the courts continue to take a strict approach to sham clauses in agreements with individual contractors. Here Mr Larner was held to be an employee of Launahurst, despite the fact that he had signed a contract which defined him as an independent contractor. Mr Larner worked for Launahurst as a window installer and for some time did so without any written contract in place. He and Launahurst then entered into a contract supply agreement, which contained an "entire agreement" clause and a provision that the company was not obliged to offer any assignments to him. The employment tribunal held that this was a sham, as it did not reflect the way in which the parties conducted themselves in practice and it held that Mr Larner was an employee. The EAT upheld the tribunal decision. The operation of the relationship in practice showed that the agreement did not represent the true intentions and expectations of the parties and as such the employment judge was entitled to find that the entire agreement clause was a sham.