On 29 March 2016, the CBI published its latest edition of Solvency II Matters. Among other matters, the newsletter (a) updated (re)insurers that the CBI had met with Charted Accountants Ireland to discuss the scope of auditing requirements for regulatory returns on or after 31 December 2016 and stated that the CBI is aiming to issue a public consultation paper in May 2016 with a view to finalising and implementing the requirements by September 2016, (b) reminded (re)insurers undertakings that the closing date for in-situ applications for the role of HOAF (PCF 48) is 31 May 2016, (c) discussed the issues raised by (re)insurance undertakings during workshops regarding regulatory reporting requirements and provided an update on the reporting requirements and (d) confirmed that the formal two week external testing period for the online reporting system (ONR) is planned to take place between 1 April and 14 April 2016. The newsletter also reminded (re)insurance undertakings that this was the final edition of the Solvency II Matters and will be replaced by a quarterly Insurance Newsletter from June 2016.