Gambling is not permitted in Brazil. Although there are different interpretations about whether loot boxes are considered as gambling activity, there is currently no specific legal provision in the country about this type of monetization. Therefore, it is quite possible that administrative and judicial bodies will find such practices illegal.

The greatest concern in terms of loot boxes, actually stems from the strong protection of consumer rights in Brazil, which includes far reaching provisions on areas such as the right of regret in online shopping, and the duties of transparency and due publicity in making offers.

Such strong legal provisions make it difficult to make certain monetization actions available, including loot boxes. For this reason, a number of companies have already positioned themselves differently in Brazil, withdrawing certain monetization actions due to the potential problems that could arise from this application.

One such e-company is Activision, which in 2018 changed its campaign in the country, after facing problems with its consumers.

In addition to these mentioned issues, there are still significant other challenges for the use of loot boxes in Brazil, for instance the necessary precautions that must be taken in terms of data protection, regulatory issues concerning banking, and legislation to protect children and adolescents, to name just a few examples.