On July 2, 2007, the FDA again warned consumers about the dangers of buying medications over the Internet. The FDA highlighted the following safety concerns raised by the purchase of drugs from unregulated Internet sites:

  • use may require careful dosing and monitoring;
  • purchased drugs may not have adequate labelling for safe use;
  • purchased drugs may have been withdrawn from the U.S. market for safety or efficacy reasons; and
  • purchased drugs may expose the consumer to significant drug\drug interactions.

The FDA also discussed new data which indicates that for 45% of the drugs imported through foreign mail, and potentially purchased by consumers on unregulated Internet sites, there are low cost generic versions available in the U.S. This finding may suggest that, in addition to attempting to save money on drug purchases, some consumers may also be buying foreign drugs to avoid obtaining a prescription. Some of the products that have been intercepted which are available as generic products in the U.S. include amoxicillin tablets, fluoxetine capsules, paroxetine tablets and warfarin tablets.

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