The Central Bank has set the first reporting dates for the submission of returns in accordance with Regulation 4(3)(d) and Regulation 25 of the AIFM Regulations as detailed in the table below.  AIFMs' first submission date depends on their reporting frequency. The submission dates are not final but the Central Bank will endeavour to keep to these dates. 

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The Central Bank also reminded AIFMs authorised by the Central Bank of their obligations to file prudential returns (these are detailed in the AIF Rulebook).For subsequent reporting periods, the submission date will be the last day of the month following the reporting period end. For example, returns with the reporting period end-date of 30th September 2014 must be submitted by 31st October 2014. The returns will be filed via the Central Bank’s Online Reporting System in either xls or xml format. AIFMs will have access to a test system in advance of the first submission date (further details will follow).

Guidance on compilation will be published on the Central Bank’s website at a later date. Any further queries in relation to the reporting process should be addressed to The Central Bank of Ireland will be contacting AIFMs prior to the first submission date to notify them of their reporting requirements.