On March, 10, 2016, the FSC amended the “Regulations Governing the Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms”.  Highlights of the amendment include the following: (1) companies recommended by the OTC may be exempted from the examination conducted by the Innovation and Creativity Examination Committee, so as to encourage companies to apply for listing on the Go Incubation Board; (2) companies may now choose to target only angel investors, whose investment limits are not subject to the NT$150,000 limit; (3) companies may examine the qualifications of prospective investors to determine whether to accept their investments; (4) the total amount that a company may offer for subscription is increased from NT$ 15 million to NT$ 30 million per year; (5) companies may offer preferred stock without creditor’s rights; (6) registration on the Go Incubation Board may be expanded if certain requirements are met.  The amendment concerning angel investors is not yet in force; the date on which it will come into force will be announced.