The House Energy and Commerce Committee adopted an amended version of a bill on Wednesday that would require the FCC and the NTIA to conduct an inventory of spectrum between 225 MHz -3.7 GHz for the purpose of identifying unused or underused frequencies that could be reassigned for wireless broadband use. At the same time, committee members approved a second measure that would facilitate the process by which incumbent government spectrum users relocate their operations to free up channels for commercial use. The amended version of the Radio Spectrum Inventory Act (HR-3125) further refines provisions adopted in January by members of the House Communications, Technology and Internet Subcommittee that permit federal agencies to withhold spectrum from the inventory for reasons related to national security. Unlike January’s version of HR-3125, the amended bill would allow federal government users to withhold confidential information, not only on their own spectrum, but also on non-federal spectrum, if such disclosure is determined to be “detrimental to national security, homeland security, or public safety.” The amended legislation would also (1) double from two years to four the length of time that the FCC and the NTIA will have to report to Congress on the inventory, with subsequent reports to be filed thereafter at four-year intervals, (2) require the FCC and NTIA to update the inventory every three months instead of at the time of a license assignment or transfer or auction, and (3) require both agencies to evaluate, starting with their third report to Congress, whether the burden of expanding the range of inventoried channels to the 10 GHz band “outweighs the benefit.”