On June 10, 2014,  the Commission issued an Update entitled “USITC Section 337 Investigations – Facts And Trends Regarding Caseload And Parties.”  On Caseload, the Commission finds that the “number of new Section 337 investigations instituted by the Commission has remained at elevated levels over the past several years.”  Seventy-two investigations were completed in FY 2013, “the highest level ever.”  High tech products are the subject of a substantial number of investigations – “computer and telecommunications products accounted for about 30 percent of new investigations in 2012 and about 38 percent in 2013.”  The number of new investigations involving pharmaceutical and medical devices increased from about 5 percent in 2012 to about 14 percent in 2013.  On Domestic Industry Requirements and NPEs, the Commission notes its disagreement with some commentators suggesting that since the eBay decision on May 15, 2006, NPEs account for the increased caseload at the ITC. A chart comparing the total number of investigations instituted for NPE and non-NPE investigations on an annual basis from 2006 to Q1 2014, shows otherwise, and the Commission further notes that since eBayonly four NPEs were successful in obtaining exclusion orders.  With respect to Settlements, the Commission finds “a higher settlement rate for NPE investigations.”  Finally, on the Number of Respondents, the Commission addresses whether the number of named respondents in an investigation has increased since the Kyocera decision in 2008.  A pair of charts plotting data for the number of respondents in investigations instituted on an annual basis from 2006 to Q1 2014 for NPE and non-NPE investigations show that the number of respondents varies substantially from year to year.