1. Mechanical/Miscellaneous Sector

The 93rd meeting of the Mechanical/Miscellaneous sector of the CN Committee took place on 27-28 September 2012. The agenda of that meeting featured discussions on draft Commission regulations and CN Explanatory Notes related to party poker sets, handbikes, crawler carriers, paper stickers, water-proof plywood, multi-switches, electronic hot air blowing guns, load cells, PIR detectors, audio-video players with reception apparatus for radio-broadcasting, steel wire clamps, Universal Dual Port Car Charges, the CNEN applicable with respect to static converters, USB cables and CCD sensors.

The Committee was also expected to examine the classification of, inter alia, upper and lower covers for a safety seat-belt buckle, certain all-terrain vehicles, covers and frames for TV, and connector parts, wheels as parts of wheelchairs and rollators, fun massagers, connector parts, anti-stress balls, and ornamental screws; in addition, it was scheduled to discuss the state-of-play of the proposed ex-out (i.e. the use of the prefix “ex” in the CN) for certain monitors in subheading 8528 59.

  1. HS/WCO Coordination

A meeting of the HS/WCO Coordination sector of the Nomenclature Committee took place on 10-12 September 2012. The report of that meeting is not yet available, but the agenda included, inter alia, discussions on the possible amendment of Chapter 84 (machine tools) and heading 73.18 (fasteners). The Committee was further scheduled to discuss the possible misalignment of the Notes to Section XVI (Machinery and mechanical appliances; electrical equipment; parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders and reproducers, and parts and accessories of such articles) and the Explanatory Note to heading 84.87 (Machinery parts, not containing electrical connectors, insulators, coils, contacts or other electrical features, not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter). The possible misalignment of Note 2 to Chapter 64 (footwear, gaiters and the like; parts of such articles) and the Explanatory Notes to Section XV (base metals and articles of base metal) were also on the agenda.

Other topics included, inter alia, mutual information on tariff matters and the setting-up of the Combined Nomenclature 2013 with associated countries, and the consultation between the EU and associated countries with a view to preparing the 50th meeting of the HS Committee of the WCO.

  1. Agriculture/Chemical Sector

The 94th meeting of the Nomenclature Committee’s Agriculture/Chemical Sector will take place on 3-5 October 2012. During that meeting, the Committee is scheduled to deliver an opinion on the draft measures regarding the classification of, inter alia, cleansing wipes, certain beauty preparations of heading 3304, and the introduction of an amendment of Additional note 2 to Chapter 27 (mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral waxes).

The agenda for the 94th meeting also includes an examination of the proposed tariff classifications of a herbal product called “Moxa”, protein concentrates used for animal feeding, food supplements, cleansing wipes, mixtures of ethyl alcohol and ETBE, a heavy mineral oil named VGO, and a possible amendment to heading 39.01 regarding linear low-density polyethylene. The Committee was further set to have a first discussion on, inter alia, the update of classification regulations related to Chapters 27 and 38 (miscellaneous chemical products), taking into account the changes in the CN since their adoption, the classification of bromelain food supplements in tablets, certain alcoholic beverages of headings 2206 and 2208, and concentrates used for the production of anti-freezing preparations.

The Committee was further scheduled to discuss the results of the Project Group meetings in June and September 2012 concerning the chemical chapters of the HS/CN, and a “technical guidance note” on the classification of sets.

  1. Textiles

The next meeting of the Textile Sector of the Nomenclature Committee will take place on 15-16 October 2012. The agenda for that meeting indicates that the Committee is planning to issue an opinion on the classification of garlands with artificial textile flowers and a so-called protective sleeve of textiles. The Committee will also examine the classification of, amongst others, a paper cylinder holding components of cigarettes, graduated compression hosiery (e.g. stockings for varicose veins), and the possible simplification of heading 9619 covering sanitary products. The Committee will also be debriefed on a recent workshop on textiles and shoes.