Do you remember the good old days before the Internet?  A time when books, magazines and journals were the best places to get your questions answered?  A time when “Google it” was a term no one recognized, much less a verb most everyone uses on a daily basis?   Did you think those days were gone?  Well guess again.  Four new monthly magazines dedicated to helping businesses with the tools of social media will shortly go on sale.  Each magazine focuses on a separate social media service: Twitter, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

The New York Times, A Print Focus on Social Media, reported the publications will be available at Office Depot for $7.95, published by GSG World Media.  “Small-business owners and entrepreneurs are all trying to figure social media out.”  Eric Yaverbaum, associate publisher and a long-time favorite in the PR world, told The New York Times.  Yaverbaum explained, “[p]rint magazines help make the information accessible to them.  There will be great success stories and useful information [in each publication].”  (You can follow his tweets about the topic by clicking the link above.)

Not to be unfair and leave the digitally savvy out, a related website called will launch with the publications’ debut.  On this website, you can obtain copies of the publications free of charge – compliments of Office Depot (who is exclusive print distributor of the magazines).  I signed up to receive mine.  As always, I remain open to new sources of information on social media – even if I have requested mine in digital form.  Someone else can tell me whether it would have been better to pay the $7.95 for the print version.

I have to admit that with all the time I spend in front of a computer, I like reading a magazine now and again…and if you have not yet jumped in and evaluated how social media can help promote your business, perhaps this is your chance to read about it in print form first.  For me, I still have to ask, why not “Google it”?  If you do, you will find the on-line version.